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Moving from a group to an individual health plan, re-enrolling in a plan or selecting a Medicare plan -- we can help!

Avoid Costly Health Plan Missteps

Making one of these missteps can be costly. Be sure that you avoid these when selecting the health plan for you.

How Can You Offer Services At No Cost?

When we say our services are “no cost to you” we really mean it! Read how this is possible.

The RetireMED®iQ Difference

RetireMED®iQ is a local, independent advisory service for retirees in and around Ohio that provides trusted guidance to your ideal health plan at no cost to you. Unlike online comparison tools, we consider your needs and preferences to evaluate each of your health plan options based on its true cost. We’re not some company who talks about its own insurance plans – we talk about you!

Meet your RetireMED®iQ Team

Enrollment Specialist

As an Enrollment Specialist, I am committed to supporting you through your entire enrollment process. I monitor your enrollment status, alert you of any issues in the process, and let you know once your enrollment has been successfully accepted.

Benefit Advisor

As a licensed agent, I am continually developing my knowledge of health plan benefits so that I can answer your questions, explain your options and deliver tailored plan recommendations. My number one priority is understanding your needs and preferences so that I can guide you to your ideal health plan.

Data Security Specialist

The privacy of your personal information is important, and keeping your information secure and confidential is my primary focus. Through RetireMED®iQ, you can rest assured the information you share will remain protected.

Compliance & Licensing Officer

Our team believes compliance rules help protect our clients, which is why I am dedicated to ensuring our advisors are licensed, up-to-date in our certifications and serving you with integrity and excellence.

Plan Research Specialist

The number of Medicare options is overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry about finding the right one for you. Through RetireMED®iQ, I compare your needs to the hundreds of options available. From there, I identify the top two or three options for you. Our detailed analysis helps ensure you get the most value for your health care dollars.

Plan Renewal Advisor

As a RetireMED®iQ Renewal Advisor, I am here to help you navigate your Medicare plan renewal every year. Throughout the year I keep an eye on current plans, industry changes and new Medicare plans to make sure you are in the plan that is right for you.

On behalf of my parents and myself, we wish to extend our great appreciation for the services you’ve done concerning the advocacy involving the insurance challenges we’ve experienced. You truly have made a difference.”

-Janet T.

Thank you again for your expertise in finding a Part D plan for my mom. A tremendous weight has been taken off me and I feel we have chosen a plan that best suits her needs.

-Lynda L.

Health insurance is a major issue. I owe peace of mind and sincere gratitude to MB Senior Solutions [RetireMED®iQ] for helping me choose my health insurance.

-Betty C.

I whole-heartedly endorse and recommend MB Senior Solutions [RetireMED®iQ] to all my friends and former GM retirees.

-Donald D. B.

Thanks to your team for taking the time to work with me and answer all of my questions. My advisors did an outstanding job of explaining the options available and the risks associated with each one.

-Leo L.

Had I decided on my own, I would have made the wrong decision for the wrong reasons. If you need help with Medicare plans like I did, I recommend the professionals at MB Senior Solutions [RetireMED®iQ].

-Larry C.

I can go to bed without worrying because I know that MB Senior Solutions [RetireMED®iQ] is taking good care of my husband and I. They always provide fast, accurate service and I can tell they are smiling through the phone.

-Beatrice R.

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Begin on your health care journey with RetireMED®iQ, complete your profile and submit it online.

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Once we receive your completed profile, you will be contacted by phone or email to discuss next steps in the journey to your ideal health plan.

Step 3: Receive your tailored plan recommendation.

We will evaluate hundreds of plan options in order to develop a tailored recommendation for you!

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