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Your 2023 Medicare Checklist

Whether you’re retired or continuing to work, your transition to Medicare will take some planning. Kickstart your transition by verifying when you will be eligible for Medicare with just a few clicks. You may also refer to this step-by-step checklist to help guide you along the way:

12 Months Before You’re Eligible for Medicare

Learn the basics. Start your transition to Medicare by learning the basic components and options, along with considering how they will work for your situation. We encourage you to download our 2023 Complete Guide to Medicare to get a detailed look at plans, coverage, costs, and more. 

It’s important to know that the day you retire may not be the same day that you enroll in a Medicare plan. You can continue working after you sign up for Medicare, and it may even be more cost-effective than your employer coverage.

Tune in to a webinar. RetireMed hosts a variety of live and on-demand webinars designed to give you the tools you need as you begin your transition to Medicare. Choose from topics ranging from Medicare 101 to working past age 65.

6 Months Before You’re Eligible for Medicare

Schedule a call with a RetireMed advisor. When you talk with one of our experts, they get to know your unique situation, needs, and preferences. For example, your Social Security or retirement status, health care needs, budget, or spouse’s coverage are all worth considering as you prepare to transition to Medicare. Once we get to know you, we advise on the best course of action.

3 Months Before You’re Eligible for Medicare

Receive a Medicare plan recommendation from your RetireMed advisor. After months of preparation, you’re finally ready to make the move to the right Medicare plan for you. Our team does the research and analysis for you, looking across multiple insurance carriers and hundreds of plans to prepare our top recommendations based on your needs and budget. All you have to do is choose.

Enroll in a Medicare plan. Not only does your advisor provide a personalized plan recommendation—they also walk you through the entire enrollment process, help you fill out your paperwork, and file it with your insurance company on your behalf.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new benefits.

As you wait for your coverage to begin, you can have peace of mind knowing that the details are handled. You have a team of experts working on your behalf! Our team remains available to you year-round once you enroll. You can call us whenever you have questions about your plan or encounter issues you are unable to resolve.

Planning to transition to Medicare?

Our advisors are available to answer all your questions. Reach out to us at 844.388.6565 or schedule a call.  We look forward to serving your Medicare needs!