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for Retirees.

Our goal is to help you find the insurance plan right for your needs.

Discover the right health plan for you in retirement.

RetireMED®iQ, a program of MB Senior Solutions, is an independent health plan advisory service that offers trusted guidance to individuals in need of insurance options upon retirement.



Our goal is to give you information and guidance so you can choose the insurance plan that best fits your retirement budget, needs and lifestyle.



Our team of health-plan experts works directly with you to help you explore your insurance options.



We are your retirement advocates: our team works on your behalf with your insurer to help answer your questions and resolve complex health plan issues.

What Makes Us Different

We look beyond the standard health plan considerations to better understand how you will use your coverage in retirement – ensuring you have the right coverage, access to care, and all of the support and knowledge you need along the way.

We don’t stop there. Once you are a client of RetireMED®iQ, you have year-round access to our helpful experts for questions and support with complex health plan issues. We even help you during the annual open enrollment with your health plan review – all at no cost to you.

Client Solution Success Stories

“Newly Retired, Navigating Obamacare”

A man looking for help…

Doug retired last summer and came to us with his wife to inquire about coverage.  Since he had worked part of the year, their income was too high to qualify for any tax credit assistance. We enrolled them in an off-exchange health plan until the Open Enrollment Period. At that time we were able to review their projected income for the following year and enroll them in an on-exchange health plan with significant savings in the form of tax credits.

The Value We’ve Provided Since 2007

RetireMED®iQ has helped tens of thousands of retirees in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Save Time

It’s difficult and time consuming to determine which of the hundreds of health plan options out there are available to you. It takes even more time to compare these options to each other. We’ll do all of this for you.

Save Money

We don’t just look at premiums and deductibles – we consider your health care habits to understand how you use your plan and to identify the plan that is the right fit for your budget.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Unlike online comparisons, we help you understand the true cost of your plan based on how you will use it. You gain peace of mind in knowing that you made the right decision in choosing your health plan.

Reduce Risk

You don’t have to worry about getting locked into the wrong plan anymore. Our licensed Benefit Advisors are knowledgeable in the area’s plans and will guide you to the option that best fits your needs.

Get Health Plan Answers

We recommend a health plan option, explain why it is right for you and answer all of your questions. So when you enroll, you fully understand your health plan.

Receive Personal Advice

There are hundreds of health plan options. Trying to determine which ones are available to you and comparing them all on your own can be frustrating and confusing. We sort through the confusion for you.

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