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65+ and Still Working

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Need health coverage before Medicare?

If you’re in need of health coverage but not yet eligible for Medicare, an individual health insurance plan may be the right option. Whether you’re considering early retirement or need to bridge a gap in coverage, we’ll guide you through your options to ensure your health care needs are covered now and set you up for a seamless progression to Medicare later. Download your free Individual Health Plans checklist or speak with a local advisor.

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Turning 65 Soon?

Whether you plan to retire or continue working, you have some important decisions to make regarding Medicare when you turn 65. It's important to understand that retirement is not a requirement for Medicare! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Soon (within the year)

Great! When it comes to enrolling in Medicare soon, there are two important steps to take. First, you need to know when you are eligible for Medicare. 

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Second, speak with a local advisor. Enrolling in Medicare on your own is overwhelming and very frustrating for most. You have many things to consider, such as hundreds of local plans from which to choose, comparing your employer or spousal coverage, Medicare penalties, HSA considerations, and dealing with the Social Security office, to name a few. You need an expert guide. We can help you make a stress-free transition to Medicare.

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After speaking with one of our local advisors, you will have clarity about your Medicare enrollment and what to do next in just minutes.

Future (at least a year or more away)

Great! You are officially eligible for Medicare at 65 unless you have a qualifying disability. However, understanding Medicare’s enrollment periods can be confusing. Whether you are already 65 and currently on employer coverage (or spousal coverage), or are a few years away, we have several great resources to help you understand your enrollment periods below.

Or call us and within minutes you will have Medicare clarity about your enrollment and what to do next.

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Not sure (I’d like to speak to an expert)

Our local advisors have helped more than 50,000 individuals just like you understand their Medicare enrollment. Give us a call and within minutes you will have Medicare clarity about your enrollment.

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Working Past 65 & Medicare

What’s better -- employer coverage or Medicare? Many people are continuing to work past 65 but are unaware of how their employer coverage compares. We made it simple to compare.

Your Working Past 65 & Medicare Checklist

Or give our team a call and within minutes, you can understand how your current health coverage compares to Medicare.

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Want More from Your Medicare Plan? 

If you are already on Medicare, one of the most important things you can do is compare your coverage to new plan options. Whether your plan is no longer fitting your health care needs or budget, or you would like to access more benefits, our team can help you. There are several important enrollment periods to keep in mind.  

Open Enrollment Period

Medicare's Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is exclusively for individuals enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. During OEP, which happens Jan. 1 - March 31, anyone on a Medicare Advantage plan can enroll in a different Medicare Advantage plan or disenroll from their current plan and return to Original Medicare. Individuals can only make one change to their plan during OEP. If a plan change is made, the new plan will go into effect on the first of the following month.

The Annual Enrollment Period

Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is a window of time that happens every year in the fall from Oct. 15 until Dec. 7, which gives people who already have Medicare the opportunity to switch to a new plan or make changes to their existing plan. Those changes would take effect Jan. 1 of the coming year. It's important to know that the Annual Enrollment Period is an opportunity, not an obligation.

Veterans, want more health coverage options?

Did you know that you can combine Medicare with TRICARE and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits to gain even more coverage? Our local advisors will review all your options and help you decide if pairing a Medicare Advantage plan with your TRICARE For Life or Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits is the right fit. Learn more about better flexibility, benefits and choices here. 

5-Star Plans

If your Medicare plan is no longer meeting your needs, you don’t have to wait to switch. If you’re already on Medicare, we can evaluate your current plan. You may even be able to switch to a 5-Star Medicare Advantage plan now! What are they? A 5-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) means “excellent performance.” It’s the highest rating a Medicare Advantage or Part D Prescription Drug plan can receive. CMS created the rating system to help you quickly compare the performance and quality of these plans. 

Do I Have to Review My Plan Annually?

No. If you have a Medicare plan and you're satisfied, your plan can renew automatically.

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RetireMed helps you find the right plan for your unique needs, budget, and lifestyle. We work with all major insurance companies to make sure you have access to a wide range of reliable coverage options. Plus, you’ll enjoy lifelong support – all at no cost or obligation. We'll discuss your unique situation, explore your current options, and answer any questions you may have. Learn more here. 


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