Medicare Annual Enrollment Ends Dec. 7! Call now to beat the deadline.

Medicare for Businesses

When your employees need Medicare guidance, we’ve got you covered.


Every day, we provide support to organizations just like yours.

We serve as an educational resource to employees who are nearing Medicare eligibility.


How we can help ...

Your business

  1. We serve as a no-cost, personalized educational resource to you and your employees.
  2. We provide ongoing support to accommodate your organization’s evolving needs.
  3. We operate through a turnkey process with no added responsibilities or obligations for you or your team.

Your employees

  1. They will have instant access to important Medicare information and educational resources.
  2. They will receive tailored communications and expert advice to ensure they have a stress-free transition to Medicare.
  3. Medicare-eligible employees will gain confidence in making informed health coverage decisions.

Learn more by watching our webinars.

We invite you and your employees to attend one of our no-cost, educational webinars. We will share valuable information, including:

  • Medicare Part A & B coverage and cost
  • The difference between Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans
  • Enrolling in Medicare if working past age 65

Our Trusted Partners

Businesses just like yours trust RetireMed as their go-to Medicare resource. Organizations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky have benefitted from the outstanding level of advice and service we’ve provided to them and their employees.


We partner with over 1,500 organizations of all sizes, across all industries. Hear from them and some of their employees:

“RetireMed made it so simple to understand. They knew all the answers.”

– Cincinnati Financial associate


“We are confident employees will receive answers to their questions.”

– Georgia W., Kettering Health


“One of our firefighters said RetireMed is the best service we have ever provided him.”

– Janet from  IAA


“It’s great to have a benefit we can access year after year after year.”

– Cincinnati Financial associate


“RetireMed is a great resource!”

– Bethany S., Dayton Children’s Hospital


“RetireMed cares about you today, tomorrow, and in the future.

– Tanya G., Cincinnati Financial associate


Request a Personalized Webinar

Our goal is to help you provide resources for your employees/spouses that are approaching Medicare eligibility. We want to help your company save money on benefits and offer your employees great options for their health care benefits. When employees explore Medicare and transition to Medicare, they take with them all the cost associated with their health care needs.

Please see below for several ways someone from our Business Development team can assist you. We will reach out within one business day of the form submission to discuss your needs and offer a recommendation on next steps.

I would be interested in RetireMed doing the following (check all that apply):

Prospect Interests
Delivering an onsite presentation
Hosting a personalized online webinar just for your company
Creating a company co-branded flyer that speaks specifically to any needs that your company may have (for example-do they have to go on Medicare at 65 or can they continue employer coverage, do they have HSA fund administrator-we can add that contact information, etc.)
Enrolling select employees into the RetireMED Email Newsletter-as the employer, you provide information (name/email/DOB) of employees that are 60+. We get them enrolled into our program. This is a great educational resource and allows our team to keep track of their Medicare journey, one less thing on your plate

Company Information

Company Address

Once you’ve enrolled in Medicare, what’s next?

After you select and enroll in a plan, you have access to year-round support from our client advisor team. You’ll continue to receive important updates from us including information about your coverage and benefits, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, and more. We’ll keep you informed so you can stay focused on the things that matter most to you.