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Here to Help: Your Client Advisor Team

As a RetireMed client, our team of client advisors is here to help you with all your health plan-related needs. No matter what comes up, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Read below for more information about how you can benefit from the services our client advisor team offers!

Who is the client advisor team?

Once you enroll in a health plan with RetireMed, you have access to our dedicated team of licensed client advisors going forward. Our client advisors handle any potential future enrollment needs for you after your initial enrollment. We’re also here to assist you year-round and advocate on your behalf to make sure your health plan needs are met. 

How can the client advisor team help me year-round?

The client advisor team consists of experienced advisors who can:

  • Explain your coverage and benefits
  • Check if specific providers are in-network
  • Help navigate and resolve billing or claim issues
  • Set up mail order prescriptions to save you both time and money         
  • And more!

As a RetireMed client, our team of advisors is just an email or phone call away. When you have a question about your plan or run into a tricky billing situation, you can reach out to us, and we’ll help find a solution.

In addition, we share timely communications with you, such as:

  • Emails to keep you informed of any upcoming changes to your plan or any new resources available to you
  • Important plan-related communications from your health insurance company
  • The RetireMed e-Newsletter, The Pathfinder

Our goal is to provide you with expert guidance and clarity through these ongoing personalized communications.

How can the client advisor team help me during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)?

During AEP, which is Oct. 15 – Dec. 7, the client advisor team will:

  • Keep you informed of any important changes affecting your plan for the new plan year
  • Review and assess your plan as needed to:
    • Determine if a change is necessary based on your needs or plan changes
    • Review your plan benefits for the upcoming year

We’re here to help.

Remember, our client advisors are here for you all year long! If you ever need assistance at any point, please schedule a call or reach out to us at 877.222.1942

If you’re not currently a RetireMed client and have questions about Medicare or individual health insurance, we can help you get started! Schedule a call or contact 844.388.6565.