Life is unpredictable. We can help.


The right health plan makes all the difference.

If you’re unsure if you qualify for Medicare financial assistance, we can find out together. We’re here to help individuals who…

  • Experience a change in their income during retirement
  • Receive assistance already but want to make sure they’re on the right plan
  • Moved recently and need to update their plan in their new county or state

Schedule your no-cost review by selecting a day and time from the calendar that works best for you.

Our advisors are here for you.

To get started, we get to know you and assess the unique needs for your situation. Based on our review, you can select the right plan for your budget.

We handle your Medicare enrollment and walk you through the paperwork. If needed, we can assist you in applying for Medicare financial assistance as well.

Our experts are familiar with all the necessary documents, making your enrollment process easy. We understand how frustrating it is to do this by yourself. We will be your advocate!

Call 1-866-921-6468 to learn more.

Has your financial situation changed in retirement?

If you have spent down your assets or find yourself living solely off your monthly Social Security payment, you may qualify for aid. Financial assistance programs are available for prescription drug costs and potentially more.

Are you eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid?

Special plan options, as well as financial assistance programs, are available to help you with your medical costs.

Do you receive financial assistance from Medicare or Medicaid?

If so, we’ll make sure you’re on the right plan and getting all the benefits you have earned.

Did you recently move to a new state or county?

If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan, you may need to update your plan based on your new address. We can handle this for you—but you have a limited window of time to change plans!

Are you unsure whether the above circumstances apply to you?

We know it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here.

Schedule your no-cost review by selecting a day and time from the calendar that works best for you.

Resources for Community Partners

Visit our blog for more information on dual eligibility, Extra Help, Medicare Savings Programs, and more.

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Community Outreach

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