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Explore your timeline

Whether you’re turning 65 in 2 months or 2 years, there are important steps you can take now to make the transition easier. What’s your timing?

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the future. Two or more years before you’re Medicare eligible, you should ask yourself:

  • What is my expected retirement date?
  • When do I plan to take Social Security benefits?
  • How will retirement affect my Health Savings Account?
  • What will health care cost?
  • Do I plan on working past 65 and if so, will Medicare be more cost-effective than employer coverage?
  • Who will help me with my retirement health care decisions?

By now, you may have a better understanding of Medicare but there’s always more to consider. Here are some important steps to take now:

It’s time to take action. Medicare eligibility is only six months away!

  • Contact our advisor team at 866-600-5638 to discuss your unique needs, plans for retirement or for working past 65, and other factors that will determine your specific next steps as they relate to Medicare and the enrollment process.
Speak to an advisor

You can now officially enroll in a Medicare plan to begin the month you turn 65, so it’s time to get serious about getting things done. Here are a few actions you need to take:

  • Call one of our advisors at 866-600-5638 if you have not already done so.
Schedule a call

Once we’ve helped you enroll in Medicare, what’s next?

After we help you enroll in Medicare, you are a valued client of RetireMed for life. You’ll continue to receive important updates and resources from us including information about retirement, the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period and more. We’ll keep you informed so you can stay focused on the things you love most in your life.

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