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4 Medicare Questions to Ask During Annual Enrollment

Medicare Annual Enrollment begins Oct. 15! Until Dec. 7, you will have the opportunity to enroll in Medicare for the first time (if you’re already eligible) or to switch to a new Medicare plan. If you’re wondering what questions to ask about Medicare, our advisors can help. Here are four important Medicare questions to ask during Annual Enrollment!

1. Will I need Medicare coverage?

If you’re new to Medicare, it’s important to think somewhat long-term about your health coverage needs. Enrolling in a plan during Medicare Annual Enrollment means your coverage will begin on Jan. 1, the next year.

You can take action during Annual Enrollment if you are…

  • Eligible for Medicare benefits
  • More than three months past your 65th birthday
  • Leaving your employer or spousal coverage at the end of 2022
    • Possibly as a result of you or your spouse retiring

You can also schedule an introductory call with our advisors to see if these circumstances apply to you and what options you have. We’ll give you guidance on your next steps.

Will My Spouse Need Coverage?

If you are leaving your group coverage where your spouse is a dependent, they may also need to enroll in a health plan. They may need a Medicare plan or an individual insurance plan to hold them over until they’re eligible for Medicare. Our team can help with both!

2. How well does my current Medicare plan meet my needs?

If you’re already on a Medicare plan, you have different Medicare questions to ask. As you look forward into the new year, have you thought about all of the following factors?

Does my Medicare plan work for my budget?

For example, are you paying high monthly premiums for a plan you barely use?

Does my Medicare plan work for my health care needs?

Consider your current providers, specialists, and preferred hospitals, as well as how often you visit the doctor. Do you have coverage for all the services you need—like vision, hearing, dental, and prescription drug coverage?

You can add coverage, such as a prescription drug plan, to your Medicare coverage during Annual Enrollment.

Does my Medicare plan match my current lifestyle?

Your Medicare benefits can (and should!) do more than cover your doctor’s appointments.

For example, can your coverage travel seasonally when you do? Do you want to access wellness benefits such as fitness memberships, transportation, and meal services?

3. What are my other Medicare plan options?

Your current health coverage may be working for your needs—and if that’s the case, fantastic! There’s no need to take action during Medicare Annual Enrollment if you are happy and secure with your plan.

On the other hand, if you’re considering your options or your circumstances are changing, we’re here to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

Our advisors can help you figure out what questions to ask about Medicare, walk you through your options, and tell you about plans that offer…

  • Low or $0 premiums
  • All-in-one coverage:
    • Medical, hospital, vision, hearing, dental, and prescription drugs
  • Budget-friendly benefits:
    • Grocery gift cards, flex-spending cards, and over-the-counter allowances

All of these benefits and more are available for Medicare beneficiaries in 2023.

4. Would I rather research Medicare plans on my own or with an advisor?

There’s no need to navigate Medicare alone. Our advisors can research your plan options, enroll you in coverage, and help you maximize your new benefits—all at no cost to you. We can help with your Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio Medicare benefits.

If you have additional Medicare questions to ask, schedule a call with us to get answers.

If you’re a current client of RetireMED and want to explore new plan options during Annual Enrollment, you can schedule a call with your client advisors for assistance.